ACBT members are entitled to the following benefits.

  • Member benefits include receiving THE BRAILLE FORUM, the national publication of ACB, and the TEXAS STAR, the state newsletter of ACBT. THE Braille Forum is available in Braille, large print, on cassette, by e-mail, and on the Braille Forum page of the ACB national website. The Texas Star is available in large print, on cassette, by e-mail and on the Publications web page on this web site.
  • Another benefit of ACBT membership is eligibility to join the Associated Blind of Oklahoma/Texas Federal Credit Union, and to participate in its savings, credit, and insurance services. Credit union members regularly receive updated information by mail, through the TEXAS STAR, and at chapter meetings.

ACBT Membership Dues

Though the majority of members are blind or visually impaired, sighted persons who share the common goals of ACBT are welcome to join. Each individual chapter sets local chapter dues – usually $10-15 per year. Individuals who do not live near a local chapter may join as a member-at-large for $10.00. Sustaining membership is available for any individual, business, or organization (public, private, or civic), having a special interest in services for persons who are blind or visually impaired. Annual donation is a minimum of $50.00. Sustaining membership is a viable way for individuals, businesses, and organizations to demonstrate their support for the council and its mission. For more information about ACBT, please contact any state officer, director, or check the Chapters and Special Affiliates page for information about your nearest chapter.