This page provides various ways to donate to the American Council of the Blind of Texas. It also has a link to the current ACBT honor society members page.

Make a one time Donation to ACBT

One of the easiest ways to donate to ACBT is via PayPal.

Clicking button will take you to PayPal,
where you can enter a donation amount
to be charged to your PayPal or any credit card account.

Other Ways to Donate to ACBT

Do you want to make a gift or bequest to ACBT? Please check out our Planned Giving page.

Do you like to send greeting cards to your family and friends? Would you like to make a difference while sending those greeting cards? Please check out ACBT’s Cards for Causes page.

Do you have an old car that you don’t know what to do with? Why not donate it to ACBT? Please check out ACBT’s Vehicle Donation page.

ACBT honor society members

Each year, ACBT recognizes companies, organizations or individuals that sponsor major events, make major contribitions to ACBT or further enhance ACBT’s mission. To view a list of the current ACBT Honor Society members, view the ACBT Partners for Success Honor Society page.