American Council of the Blind of Texas 
State Officers 2016-18
Below is a listing of all the state officers and elected board members and their contact information.
If you are not a member and would like to become one
please refer to the Local Chapters in our table of contents to find the chapter nearest you.

ACBT State Officers

Kenneth Semien, Sr.
Phone: (409) 866-5838
Local Chapter: Beaumont Area Council - Beaumont, Texas

First Vice President - Membership Chair
Peggy R. Garrett
Phone: (281) 438-9665
Local Chapter: Houston Council - Houston, Texas

Second Vice President - Fundraising Chair
Will Burley
Phone: (713) 614-3322
Local Chapter: Austin Council - Austin, Texas

Treasurer - Finance & Budget Chair
Sheila Derrick
Phone: (817) 507-3964
Local Chapter: Fort Worth Council - Fort Worth, Texas

Mary Alice Gary
Phone: (915) 269-2119
Local Chapter: El Paso Council - El Paso, Texas

Immediate Past President - Constitution & Bylaws Chair
Carol Edwards
Phone: (936) 445-3241
Local Chapter: Member-at-Large

ACBT State Board of Directors
The ACBT Board of Directors is comprised of 5 elected Officers, 4 Directors, an Immediate Past President, and an appointed representative from each Chapter and Special Interest Affiliate. The appointed representatives are selected by their respective Chapter or Special Interest Affiliate.
Directors are elected for staggered 4 year terms.

Board Member
Mike Bates - Director
Phone: (432) 234-2445
Local Chapter: West Texas Desert Council – Monohans, Texas

Board Member
Chris D. Prentice - Director
Phone: (806) 283-8227
Local Chapter: Austin Council - Austin, Texas

Board Member
Ken B. Sparks - Director
Phone: (512) 659-3331
Local Chapter: Member at Large - Buda, Texas

Board Member
LouAnn Williams - Director
Phone: (210) 884-7778
Local Chapter: Alamo Council - San Antonio, Texas

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