Blindness Summit Feb. 12 3013


Group photo of participants of Blindness Summit, named in caption, (link to larger)
People in the photo are:
Front row left to right: Cyrall Miller, Program Specialist, TSBVI and member of AVIT;
Nadine Saffell, member of ACBT and AVIT; Rep. Alma Allen, Texas Legislature;
Kenneth Semien, ACBT President.
Back row, left to right: Rep. Jose Menendez, Texas Legislature; Larry Johnson, ACBT Board member.

An audience of over 150 agency professionals, educators, employers, parents, students and visually impaired adults attended and participated in the first ever statewide Blindness Summit.

Held at the beautiful Capitol Auditorium in Austin, the event was cosponsored by the Alliance of and for Visually Impaired Texans (AVIT) and the American Council of the Blind of Texas (ACBT).

Guest panelists representing employers, senior community services, Lighthouses for the Blind, the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Texas Education Service Centers, Stephen F. Austin State University, the Texas Workforce Commission, Division for Blind Services and consumer organizations presented thoughtful and provocative ideas and approaches to meeting the on-going problems faced by blind and visually impaired children, seniors and job seekers in Texas.

All agreed that through this type of expanded dialogue and that by working together we can better overcome the barriers and find strategies and solutions to our common challenges.

Representatives Jose Menendez and Alma Allen spoke powerfully about the importance that the Blind Summit represented and of the tremendous opportunity which it afforded to share information with all members of the state legislature.


Blindness Summit Feb. 12 3013 Flier (DOC)
Sponsored by AVIT & ACBT
Summit Handouts
Children's Track Handout.doc (1.7M)
Employment Track Handout.doc (149K)  Senior Track Handut.doc (347K)


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