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2011-07-20  Rev. see below

2015 Changes
2015-01-12 Change Officers 2nd VP Directors,  Add College Guide to Resources page, change title bar
2015-01-13 Add 2014 names to Who's Who, change title; Add 2014 name to  Outstanding Members List; change title; Add all awards  to  2014 Conference  ; change title
2015-01-22 Correct Dallas Page, typos, scholarhip.
2015-01-27 Change dallas-files/scholarships-acbd.htm to 2015, change ACB links financial\financial.htm Change links for Texas Star publications.htm to Jan;  update Desert Chapter per email
2015-02-16  ACBT update scholarship listing
2015-03-06 Update LUAT on Affiliates page
2015-03-13 Add scholarship link to BRLT web page & on Affiliates page  
2015-03-18 Change to Alamo chapter officers and set meeting time
2015-03-19 Change to Secretary/Treasurer same name  Beaumont chapter, missing word "Area" in logo Alt was added, logo was not uploaded to site, done - large & small.
2015-03-28 Change officers of Ft. Worth Council
2015-05-04 Access Texas Star for April in main_index.html and publications.htm
2015-05-14 Remove link to Paratransit Serivices on Index, copy to Resources. Discuss "Partners for Success Honor Society" page with Kenneth; links on Star & Conference pages. Fix phone number on Bay Area.
2015-05-31 Resolve problems with password on website, upload 1 file, start mods to Index with dates of 2015 Conference
2015-06-01 Modify 2015 Conference page with details and copy from Texas Star artticle; note of ACB conf & link
2015-06-04 Remove link to paratransit services listing document from Resources  page and Index .
2015-06-09 Add Partners for Success in finance and add link to main_index.html,
2015-07-01 Remove link on 2011 Conference archive to exhibitor pdf per Kevin Ratliff, file already removed.
2015-07-02 Remove link on 2011 etc. for  doc file
2015-07-06 Fix name to Muniz  in Who's Who & photos page for 2013, correct 2012 used on that page.  Add 2014 Archive link to Main Index (missing)
2015-07-21 Add 2014 Resolutions to
2015-08-04 Add 2015 ACBT Directory of Paratransit Services.doc  to Resources  & library
   Add in Texas Star for July to Publications
2015-08-12 Edit this file so link to Resources is correct, check uploads - Resources was not uploaded, upload revised Publications & test.
2015-08-20 Add rest of DOC files to conference web page
 2015-08-24 Add guide dog book to Resources page, query Kenneth on appropriateness. 
 2015-09-04 Change address on Alamo Council per email
 2015-09-26 Change officers and meeting site for Dallas Chapter , Add 2105 Resolutions to Resolutions.htmmain_index.html
 2015-09-30 Change address & time of Alamo Council per email.  Insert new board members to Officers and Members page
 2015-11-03 Change 2 file names due to typos, create visible picture labels, set picture display width to 720, 2015 Conference/Images1a.htm
 2015-11-06 Start Conference Results page. ACBT 2015 Conference Results
 2015-11-18 Link and upload Results page; Add October Texas Star to Main Index and publications.
 2015-11-30 Constitution & Bylaws upload and link on main_index.html page.


2014 Changes

2014-01-16  Setup new Changes, Revise Directors,     

2014-01-20 El Paso Chapter update, main_index.html updates, need Conference 2014 basic data,
2014-01-24 main_index.html and publications.htm Texas Star, AFB added to links page,
 add Kenneth to Outstanding Members  page update Who's Who and adjust style 

 2014-03-06 Fix link to scholarships on  main_index.html;   clarify link to include 2010 in doc Who's Who 

 2014-03-07 Update Dallas Scholarship page and RTF files.
 2014-03-30 Correct main index typo of Dallas Scholarship, fix dates on ACBT & ACB scholarship listing
 2014-04-16 Adjust main index with correct scholarship dates and show both ACBD and ACBT
 2014-04-25 main_index.html and publications.htm Texas Star
 2014-06-02  publications.htm   Image access links at bottom
 2014-06-12 Change 2nd VP on  Dallas Page
 2014-07-05 Change Alamo Chapter officers to first details, then see others in note. query.
 2014-07-07 Setup 2014 Conference page and begin adding DOC file links.   main_index.html add board meeting picture and San Antonio links, remove Summit picture & links
 2014-07-17 Change main_index.html  to add slogan, remove El Paso ref. Dallas deadline ref., Add slogan to Default page. Add East Texas line to chapters.
 2014-07-31 Change Directors, Duty to Chavez, main_index.html and publications.htm Texas Star, start to change page title to put content before ACBT words - Main index, Publications, Officers, recorrect Alamo Council
 2014-08-04 Change BRLT page and chapters page to delete old material per Larry Johnson
 2014-08-30 Build East Texas from Bay Area.
 2014-08-30 Copy email contents of 2014 Schedule into DOC  and webpage file. Note on Index page.
 2014-09-22 Draft copies of Chapters, Desert & East Texas while on phone with Kenneth - not ready
 2014-10-09 Revise officers, review Directors.,  Change addr. in Planned Giving to Treasurer, keep 866 number. Change DOC file also, not reviewed in detail.
 2014-11-25 Change Secretary on  Dallas Page Add October Texas Star to  main index & Publications ,  Link to 2014 Constitution & Bylaws in  main index
 2014-12-01 Change officers for Beaumont per Kenneth. Adjust Offices & Directors page per Kenneth request - terms.

2013 Changes
2013-01-10 Start New Table - Fix webmaster e-mail address, .net missing, on default page.
2013-01-20 Upload Texas Star January adjust publications.htm and main_index.html ; upload 2013-2014 Scholarship form, Rev1 and adjust Link at financial\financial.htm
2013-01-23 Start 2013 Conference page  Link to flier on Blindness summit from Index page, store in Legislative, enlarge text on headline on 24th
2013-01-24 Update with Calendar, corrections and editing
2013-01-28 Add data from Becky's e-mail to Dallas Page ; Move 2010 & 2011 main conference htm to Conf folders and adjust Main Index - may break links- fixed format link & some links 2010 & 2011, tested some links
2013-01-29 Upload DOC file and add links from Main Index  and Who's Who page. Move names from 2012 Results page to Who's Who and Outstanding Members  Repair wrong dates posted for Houston Conference, add link to talent show to Houston page. Start the El Paso page and link from Chapters page Upload Dallas page (missed)
2013-02-05 Change address site for South Plains meeting and El Paso temp note on Main Index
2013-02-11 Correct date year on 2013 Conference from 2012 per Pat Canty. Add links and upload DOC files for Summit tomorrow.
2013-02-13 Add hotel to Conf page.
2013-02-15 Add Blindness Summit page, Add image to Index page and move Summit links to Summit page; move Summit page links below Conference link.
2013-02-20 Add descriptive text supplied by Larry Johnson to Blindness Summit page
2013-03-24 Change number of chapters from 9 to 10, Default Convert copy of Beaumont Area to Bay Area Bay Area page
2013-03-29 Insert new logo in default page and adjust alignment so images are level.
Change names and make dummy files for 2013 conference Exhibits - not loading on home machine.
 2013-04-07 Start using Kompozer.  Add Dream Vacation doc link to 2013Conference, fix other links, Make Invitation web page from DOC file text
2013-04-09 Edit DOC files with new logo. Add new logo to Exhibitor invitation letter, discover what virtual directories can do  and what Paul left behind in aaa, get date on Bay Area schedule - edit. Update Ft. Worth information, remove Coastal Bend from chapter/affiliates list
2013-04-12 Upload revised documents from various e-mails - catching up  2013Conference. Add link for Metrolift
2013-04-17 Add link to Index to April Texas Star, upload DOC file, Remove links for Who's Who and Scholarship on Index ; Change publications to move in April entry
2013-04-21 Add T-Shirt file and link to 2013Conference
2013-05-08 Modify Dallas Chapter Scholarship and rtf files for 2013; add logo image
2013-05-14  Add Dallas Chapter Scholarship to Main Index page and enhance on Dallas Chapter page
2013-05-20 Upload Dallas Scholarship file as rtf to match web page; add link to Publications page for Logo's page.
2013-05-31 Add link to Converence Page and Add page of Restaurant List
2013-06-02 Add link to Survey and upload,
2013-06-04 Change Index to fix Star link highlighting and bad link on resources.,  Add program to 2013 Conference as doc file and simple web page
2013-07-03 Work on image page for convention (and previous days, getting to load)
2013-07-06 Change online resource launch announce to July 26, modify Publications to show date
2013-07-08 Add 2013 resolutions to resolutions page and Index page
2013-08-24 Add July Texas Star Link to Publications page, adjust Archive, upload DOC file, test. Change headline link on Index to July 
2013-08-25 Upload large pictures page and put reduced link B on Conference page, fix 2301 date on survey link
2013-08-28 Start work on Resources Page, revised from Publications page which is kept
2013-09-05 Do basic work on Results Page conversion from 2012
2013-09-10 Change link to Resources Library on Index page  Modify Resources page  Update Publications page to correct formats for Braille Forum and Texas Star and link to Resources page.
2013-09-30 Continue work on results page.
2013-10-22 After cataract surgery, Const & Bylaws Main Index page link to DOC files,
Remove Header Link from Resources page, add link to Software Toolkit file.
Pending: Any way to bypass error if is typed in from an HTTPS site, which gives certificate error.
2013-10-24 Add 2013 Oct Texas Star to Publications page
2013-11-27 Remove Desert Chapter from Chapters page per Semien add acting secretary to Beaumont.
2013-12-12 Complete change of addresses & directions on Dallas Chapter page

2012 Changes
2012-01-02 Start new table, 2011 below.  Edit and upload Anna Russo 2012 conference update, Index page. Memo: Download Cautions
 - 01-04 Merge information from Houston Chapter into page.
 -01-05 Change President on South Plains page
 -01-06 Change officers and meeting site with directions on Dallas  Make page for Dallas Braille Awareness save pdf credit coupon and upload link, link to Dallas and BRLT on Affiliates, & Main Index
 -01-09 Add information to Dallas page per e-mail from Carol White, Sec.
 -01-19 Add new officers to Beaumont chapter per e-mail from Kenneth Semien, Sr.
        Add new officers and meeting location to Austin chapter per e-mail from Stephen Kerr
 -01-22 Texas Star January link to - Fix link on Index page to just Publications.htm,
 -01-30 Index and Financial pages - add button.
 -01-05 Fix Publications link on Membership Dues; Fix broken link back to index in 2012 conference*; Fix duplicate NAME in Financial*          *found running Xenu
-redirected to:
-status code: 301 (object permanently moved)  in financial/VehicleDonation.htm *-
-The BRLT.BRF file had not been uploaded to link from special%20interest%20affiliates.htm *
The link in Planned Giving to the doc file contained an extra /financial/ *
Fix formatting of officers and board members page discovered while checking link. make planned giving link direct.
 -02-06 Fix on Officers
 -02-08 Add link to Dallas Paratransit Info DOC file to Dallas and 2012 Conf. pages per Becky Collier
 -03-21 Add Report to Dallas, tag on Main Index and Affiliates pages
 -04-10 Add 2010 Conf. link to Main Index
 -04-12 Fix link in Financial labeled wrong as 2011-2012
 -04-16 Add link and doc file for Purpose of Conference to 2012 Conference, adjust Update link on Index
 -04-23 Upload 2010 Constitution and Bylaws per Heather and link on Index after sorting to most recent first;  Upload 2012 Who's Who, First Timers, and Walk-A-Thon per Kenneth and link on Index and Who's Who Page and 2012 First Call page; Upload 2012 April Texas Star per Heather and link on Publications; Remove link to ACBT Cruise Invitation to ACB Texas Cruise Jan 2011 (Doc);
 -05-03 Remove Paula from 2012 Conf page Test Flier files sent, PUB not work, DOC okay. Add message to 2012 Conf with link at Index and Dallas
 -05-08 Add DFW 2012 Conference flier files link to Conf page upload Color DOC, Plain DOC, PDR & HTM; make mail links, Adjust position of image from 0 to 9 for underlines of links
 -05-11 Add files to support Dallas Scholarship Application link on Dallas Chapter page and adjust link; link on Index page
 -05-18 After making backups (folder within 2012 Conf folder) made changes to directly access Conf Flier HTM from index. Two Saturday events have been posted to the Index page, for 1 day. Dallas & Austin PSA announcements have been uploaded and linked on the 2012 Conf page
 -05-21 Create Flier 16.htm in Word and Adjust in FrontPage, change reference links in Index & 2012 Conf page to plain flier version.
 -05-23 Change Index Page Headers to make each one a header H2 instead of one long header with <BR> which JAWS does not read properly.
 -06-04 Change header of Affiliates page to catch AACBT typo.
 -06-18 Update and link to Hotel Travel Directions, update Dallas with links and report, update 2012 DFW Conference links, update Prentice e-mail on Austin page & fix formatting and fix e-mail and listing replacing Stephen Kerr on state board,
 -06-20 Fix lack of Italic on Prentice on state board page. Change spacing by eliminating headers and putting in table to show start of contents on Index page, seems to work on local version with JAWS
 -07-02 Fix arrival note of MegaBus in 2012conference\hotel2012.htm notes; Index - change wording add Announcement, change order to emphasize conference; conference page add links to registration
 -07-07 Add link to audio description of Hotel to 2012conference\2012 conference.html
 -07-09 Add link to script of audio description  to 2012conference\2012 conference.html
 -07-11 Add FACEBOOK link to Index Page
 -07-16 Add cautionary note to 2012conference\2012 conference.html and welcome letter.
 -07-22 Add Speaker biographical information files and links to ; then add line of exhibitor form links.
 -07-23 Delete two <p> in names list that was expanding spacing 2012conference\2012 conference.html
 -07-31 Add links to July Texas Star publications.htm  main_index.html
 -08-04 The top of the default page was adjusted slightly to align the logo and Texas flag. The Conference Schedule HTML page was created and edited for maximum size and similarity to DOC file and both DOC file and HTML were linked on the  and a colored background matching other pages was activated.
 -08-20 New version of Conference Schedule. Also change wording on  to show word "Schedule"
 -09-04 Update added to about hotel, older updates removed, Head link put in, Link on Index page to show date of update.
 -09-05 Added link on special interest affiliates.htm to GDUTX page for Heathers page and make minor changes to GDUTX entry
 -10-02 Remove most links to Conference related activities, add short term comments main_index.html
 -10-10 Post Resolutions for 2012, link from index and Resolutions page;  Change Officers and Board page per Kenneth Semien
 -10-17 Start Creation of Awards and Speakers results page, with link on Conference page, Add officers announcement to BRLT page and change president on Affiliates page,
 -10-22  Upload October Texas Star, adjust Publications and Index page links
 -10-25 Final repairs to Conference results
 -10-31 Corrections of pictures and names to Conference results including Roseanne DeMoss, name and David Ondich image; Fix Neal to Neil
-11-02 Take out line to hotel update 2012 Conference page, correct date on bottom from Sept 2 to Nov. 2

2011 Changes Listing ACBT
2011-07-07 Upload scanned 2011 Conference Documents and adjust Index page.

2011 - Early July to 07-17 - changes to Index and files uploaded to get current version of Paratransit Report online - stored in texas-star subfolder for convenience.

2011-07-20  Adjust Texas Star listing on Index and upload July issue

 -07-21 Minor changes to Paratransit report, make HTM version,
 -07-25 Correct awkward working on index link on home page
 -07-25 Correct and add emails to Dallas Web page.
 -07-27 2011 Conference.html Remove link to text version of brochure; revise Registration RTF to include second page, delete text boxes.
 -07-28 Add shirt orders paragraph
 -08-12 Index Page - Change link names on constitution links from just dates
 -08-12 Link 2010-09 resolution to 2007-09 resolution
 -08-13 Index Page - Link to latest up date; create update page and make a doc version
 -08-17 Convention Page - Move and enhance note about Read Only and Save As files.
 -08-18 Beaumont Page - install existing logo in response to Semiens request.
 -08-18 Conference Page and full file - change to doc file.
 -08-24 Final Agenda uploaded - modify Index and Conference pages.
 -09-01 Add 2011 Resolutions to Index and Resolutions page; remove 2010 from Index
 -09-05 Add names to Outstanding member, make several text changes to index.
 -09-09 Remove double periods from several Austin e-mails, start on BRLT web page.  Change Whalen e-mail on Dallas page.  Correct spelling of Beamont to Beaumont behind logo.
Change wording of Home Page link to Home Page and Introduction (back link)
Change wording to Special Interest Affiliates and Groups
Start Financial page after receiving Planned Giving Document
 -09-10 Add Dallas White Cane to Index page, and text to Dallas page, plus upload link.
 -09-11 Start rearranging benefits, membership, financial, etc. Index, Financial, Membership Dues, Pubs & Benefits pages
        Move Texas Star links from Index to Publications, Remove publications and benefits information from Membership and link to related page.  Enhance Group names in Affiliates.  Move groups to Affiliates page.
 -09-18 Create Who's Who page and cross link with Outstanding Members.
 -09-20 Add 2011 members to Who's Who page
 -09-25 Clean up brlt.htm to final appearance; link to PDF of brochure
 -09-27  Move chapters to second line of Index, sub-link to Affilliates, add BRLT link to Chapters & Affiliates.
 -09-28 Dallas Conf first Call, Index, 2012 Conf page, Dallas
 -10-03 Who's Who Awards Update.
 -10-04 Who's Who Awards  main page revised to show names and cities only for both 2010 & 2011
Publications & Benefits changed to Publications, Index link changed to match. Financial file holds benefits.
 -10-10 Change title of 2012 Conf page to ACBT 2012 DFW State Conference co-hosted by Dallas and Fort Worth Chapters
 -10-19 Add October Texas Star to Publications & Index links, move media links from Index to Publications page, install download cautions with link on Publications page. Remove Oct.15 White Cane Day info from Dallas Page.
 -10-20 Add comments and Assistive Tech Coalition to Links page
 -11-07 Fix reported errors on BRLT page
 -11-11 Link to updated PDF of brochure, add access to DOC version, also to affiliates page.
 -11-21 Post December Party notice to Dallas page
 -11-28 Add Gift Ideas to BRLT page, quick link added to Index
 -11-29 Add Cards for Causes page, Link on Financial, quick link on Index; move Vehicle donations, Financial, to Financial subdirectory, adjust links both up [.. for standard files] and down
 -11-30 Add BRLT.BRF file with links on Affiliates and BRLT page.
 -12-02 Add link to national scholarship page to Financial. Query on upload Houston Beacon
 -12-06 Add Beacon link to Houston page & Chapter page                             Memo: Download Cautions
2016 Changes
 -02-09 I updated the contact information for the Dallas Council per a request from Sean Harper.
 -02-17 I removed the South Plains Council link but left the content on the server per Kenneth Semien SR.'s request
 -02-17 I updated the home and main index pages to reflect the change of web master.
 -02-19 I posted the ACBT 2016-2017 scholarship information to the web site.
 -02-20 I updated the Alamo Chapter officers per Jose Rangel's request.
 -02-25 I updated the Austin Chapter officers.
 -04-20 I I posted the Texas Star for January and April 2016
 -05-01 I updated the home page to show that we have three special interest affiliates.
 -05-01 I updated the Chapters and Special Interest Affiliates page to remove the affiliates and special interest groups that no longer exist.
 -05-01 I updated the Partners for Success page.
 -05-01 I updated the Library page to add a link to Resources for visually impaired students.
 -06-20 I created the h-e-b_talking_prescriptions.htm page and updated the mainindex.htm page to add the H-E-B Talking Prescription Labels link.
 -07-25 I added the July 2016 Texas Star to the web site.
 -08-06 I Moved the the mission and slogan to the top of the main page and added the vision statement below the slogan per president Semien's request..
 -08/11 I added an accessible Word fillable 2016 Conference/Convention Registration Form
 -08/11 I added the updated ACBT Facebook and Twitter links.
 -09/13 I added the 2015 who's who and outstanding member awards to the web site.
 -09/13 I added a new Advocacy in Action page per President Semien's request.
 -10/11 I added the 2016 Outstand Member and Who's Who awards to the web site.
 -10/29 I added the October edition of the Texas Star to the web site.
 -10/31 I updated the Officers and Board of Directors page to include Andrew De Avila as second vice president and Mike Bates as a board member.
 -11/21 I posted the 2016 resolutions to the web site.
2017 Changes
 -05/28 I corrected the mailing subscription information on the publications page.
 -05/28 I removed the East Texas Chapter information from the Special Interest Affiliate page.
 -07/20 I uploaded the accessible and regular versions of the 2017 Conference/Convention Registration Form
 -07/25 I uploaded the July 2017 Texas Star
 -08/08 I updated the main page to change the link from 2017 Dallas Conference/Convention to 2017 ACBT Conference/convention
 -08/08 I replaced the January Texas Star Article on the 2017 ACBT Conference/Convention page with the current News Blast.
 -08/08 I added the following statement to the online registration form "Registration Forms and payments postmarked after 9/7/17 or received after 9/7/17 and onsite registration $65.00"
 10/01 I I updated the Outstanding Members and Who's Who pages. I also added pages for President's Impact and Scholarship Awards
 10/07 I added a 2018 Conference/Convention page and changed the main page to link to 2018 conference/Convention information. I also updated the main page to show the National 2018 Conference/Convention information.
 11/10 I added the October 2017 Texas Star to the site.
2018 Changes
 01/12 I added 2018 First Timer Award information to the 2018 Conference/Convention page.
 01/12 I added 2018 Whos's Who among Blind Texans Award information to the 2018 Conference/Convention page.
 01/12 I updated thePartners for Success page to include United Healthcare as an ACBT 2017 Conference/Convention sponsor.
 02/05 I posted the January Texas Star and updated the Texas Star Archive.
 02/05 I posted the 2018 Conference/Convention Save the Date and Event Overview flyers to the site.
 02/05 I posted updates for the Austin Council, the Bay Area Council, the Dallas Council and the Fort Worth Council.
 02/26 I posted updates for the Alamo chapter.
 02/26 I added the 2017 Dallas Conference/Convention archive link to the main page.
 02/26 I corrected the spelling of the word "label" on the main page.
 02/26 I made the contact telephone numbers for the chapters clickable.
 03/12 I added the 2018 scholarship information for ACBT and ACB.
 03/12 I added the 2018 Conference/Convention Exhibitor application to the site.
 05/14 I I updated the Alamo Chapter page to reflect the election of Alco Canfield as their new secretary and removed some extra text related to the time and place of their meetings.
 05/14 I added the April Texas Star to the web site
 05/14 I posted the 2017 resolutions to the web site
 05/21 I posted the ACBT 2018 Walk For Success Individual Entry form to the web site.
 05/24 I updated the Partners For Success Society page on the web site.
 06/29 I implemented the 2018 ACBT Conference/Convention Online Registration
 07/14 I added the July Texas Star to the web site
 09/02 I added the Volunteer Registration form to the 2018 Conference/Convention page
 09/24 I removed the 2018 Conference/Convention link from the main index page and removed the online registration form from the web site
 10/02 I updated the Who's Who awards, the Outstanding Member award, the scholarships and the officers and board of directors per the 2018 conference/convention.
 10/17 I posted the October 2018 Texas Star
 10/17 I added the 2017 ACBT constitution and bylaws to the site.
 10/17 I updated the 2018 Partners for Success page
 12/8 I posted the 2018 ACBT resolutions
 12/11 I posted the 2019 Conference/Convention information for both ACB and ACBT to the web site.
2019 Changes
 01/7 I fixed and updated the ACBT Conference/Convention Archive
 01/9 I added the 2019 Conference/Convention web page, corrected the Omni Austin Southpark telephone number and updated the Beaumant Council officers and directors.
 01/26 I posted the January 2019 Texas Star
 02/26 I posted Updates to the Alamo Council page
 03/20 I posted the ACBT 2019 Scholarship Application
 04/24 I posted the April 2019 Texas Star
 05/25 I posted the 2019 Conference/Convention online registration form, the Microsoft word version of the registration form and removed the Bay Area Council and West Texas Desert Council information from the web site.
 06/1 I corrected the hotel address, group rate and added the group codes to the 2019 conference/convention page.
 07/6 I corrected the hotel zip code on the conference/convention page and posted the July 2019 Texas Star.
 07/9 I posted an update to the July 2019 Texas Star per the editor's request.
 07/18 I posted the 2019 Conference/Convention schedule and volunteer registration forms to the web site.
 08/18 I removed the 2019 online registration and registration form from the site and added preliminary information for the 2020 Conference/Convention.
 08/26 I posted the 2019 Constitution, bylaws and resolutions.
 08/29 I updated the Officers and Directors page and all of the Award pages. I also updated the Houston chapter page.
 10/30 I added a document that states the benefits of ACBT membership per Michael Garrett's request.
 10/30 I posted the October 2019 Texas Star.
 10/30 I Updated the main page to innclude the ACB 2020 Conference/Convention information.
 12/09 I I added IBC Bank to the Partners for Success page.
2020 Changes
 01/02 I removed Alan Dunbar as Second Vice President of the Dallas Chapter Per Ted Sharper's Request.
 01/11 I Updated the Austin Council of the Blind information.
 01/15 I posted the 2020 ACBT Conference/Convention Save the Date Flyer to the 2020 Conference/Convention page.
 01/15 I Updated the Dallas Council of the Blind information.
 01/17 I Updated the Alamo Council of the Blind information.
 01/24 I posted the January 2020 Texas Star