2018 ACBT Conference/Convention Registration Form

Thursday, September 20 through Sunday, September 23, 2018



Welcome to the ACBT Online Registration form. In this section, you will provide your contact information and various preferences. If you forget to enter information in a required field, you will get an error message. Activate the OK or close button. In most cases, your cursor will be placed in the field with the missing information. However, this may not happen if you use IOS. In this case, simply go to the correct field and enter the information.

When you activate the Next button, Your information will be emailed to the ACBT Treasurer and you will choose the items that you want to purchase from a shopping cart. Please read the instructions on the shopping cart page before you select your items.

If you use JAWS for Windows, the following keystrokes may be of help to you. Note that the JawsKey is the Insert key on the numeric keypad if you use the desktop layout and the Caps Lock key if you use the laptop layout.

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Will you need an assistive listening device (ALD) for the general sessions? Yes

Will you have a guide dog in attendance? Yes

Do you plan to attend the Leadership Forum on Friday, September 21st at 2:15 pm? Yes

Do you plan to attend the ACBT Open House for first time conference attendees and others seeking more information about ACBT on Saturday, Sept. 22nd at 2:45 pm? Yes

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